If you are developing world wide applications you have to support desktop applications as well. Again I have to notice that Parsware Code Generator can create all kind of code and of course hybrid and native desktop applications. But as always said “bet on web”, that’s why we are supporting hybrid desktop applications first, and in the near future we are going to have native desktop applications. Electron and NWJS are most known hybrid environments for desktop application development. We are supporting these to frameworks in code generator.

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Ionic Framework

Ionic Framework

Parsware Code Generator can create any kind of code, that means we can create native and hybrid mobile applications and one of the greatest framework for hybrid mobile application development, without a doubt is Ionic Framework. That’s why we supporting Ionic Framework in Parsware Code Generator. We are supporting mobile applications in all of our platforms and hybrid mobile application with Ionic Framework is part of all of code generator templates.

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Vue is getting stamina and has a great speed in getting developers attention. It’s simplicity, speed and light weight and the fact that Vue does not need bundling makes it a tempting framework. We are supporting Vue in Parsware Code Generator and we like to combine it with Html post backs. I think it would make a great combination and wonderful architecture for web application.

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Needless to say, Angular is the most popular framework for dynamic web application development and we support it in Parsware Code Generator. The fact that frameworks like angular are dynamic, lets us to create dynamic story boards and great user experience. Also its possible to have kind of a Workflow Management System for applications which lets to change workflow of applications dynamically and by administrators.

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Web sites and web applications using JQuery for a long time and we have an architecture for our web applications that use pure JQuery and Html Post Backs to manage user interactions. This is useful when you like to have a light weight and quick web application and you don’t like bundled scripts like Web Pack bundled application. Of course We believe combination of these technologies could create amazing and powerful applications.

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Asp.Net Core

Asp.net Core

Asp.Net core is the newest version of Asp.Net which can be deployed on multiple platforms like Windows, Mac and Linux. With a background of nearly 2 decades of .Net development I always supported Asp.Net and I always loved to have Asp.Net in Parsware Code Generators arsenal. We are supporting full Asp.Net web application and mobile applications with Asp.Net Web API.

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WordPress is the most popular CMS available in the market. It’s a wonderful idea to have a CMS which is your web application platform and also your mobile application back end. I always loved to have such a combination and with WordPress REST Api all that dream comes true. We support this platform in Parsware Code Generator and I am sure you are going to love it.

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