Welcome to Parsware

We are a team of software engineers from top technology universities of IRAN, mainly Sharif and Amirkabir universities. We are developing applications for Industry Sector and Banking System.

Developing applications never been easier. With great tools you can create applications quickly and easily and of course you can decrease your production cost. Check out our tools, software architecture and experience in software development for more than a decade of software development in IRAN.

Pars Portal

Pars portal just released! It's a amazing web site management system developed by Parsware. The idea behind Pars Portal is to create a simple website management system which is very simple to use. There are lots of CMS systems out there but its seems they are to much complicated that end user finds them very complex and hard to get. With Pars Portal its easy to create websites and publish contents. We also needed a portal which is compatible with our architecture of web application development. You may have noticed that hosting multiple website on a single domain is a complex job, with Pars Portal its easy to host multiple sites with a single deployment. It's easy to host multiple languages. These are all the reasons behind Pars Portal Development.


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Pars Code Generator

Pars Code Generator is a tool for Visual Studio that lets developers design their web applications and generate artifacts based on the design. Right now we are supporting MVC 3 Razor web applications for Visual Studio 2010 and MVC 4 Razor web applications for Visual Studio 2012. We also are planning to have design environments for Silverlight and WPF applications. We have used this code generator in lots of projects with great decrease in time and cost.


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Application & Features

We are using a three layer application architecture for our applications. Data Access Layer for manipulating data, Business Logic Layer for enforcing business rules and User Interface for interacting with end user. We have used lots of features in application architecture that lets developers focus on business needs and all framework staff is done in architecture and generated by code generator. Also there are lots of features for end users.


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Report Generator

One of the greatest challenges we have in business environment is the need for dynamic and flexible reporting system. Our end users, mostly managers, need to build reports for their specific use, and they want it most frequently. It’s not always possible to design and develop all the reports in the development life cycle. That’s why we developed our Report Generator as a subsystem for all of our applications. It lets end users to design and configure new reports.


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Lots of applications mainly office applications need a workflow system to manage workflow of business. That’s why we developed a light weight workflow system that can be engaged in web applications quickly and easily. It lets users and managers to create workflows and monitor execution of workflows. We are developing a workflow designer for our workflow engine to make it easy for developers as well. This engine have a great performance.


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  • Pars Portal realeased. We are working on plugins and search engine for it
  • An architecture for Android applications and a Design enviroment for it are on the way
  • We are working on a workflow management system for web applications with a design environment for Visual Studio 2012.   
  • We are working on a Design Environment for Silverlight and WPF.
Latest Updates

November 2013

Parsware Portal Support For Responsive Design










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